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Do you ship anywhere?

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Yes, we ship everywhere in the USA and overseas too.

How long do tattoos last?

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Up to 5 days depending on your skin type and how active is your body part with our tattoo on :)

Are they waterproof?

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How do I apply them?

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With every order we give you complete instructions, and for most people it takes one or two minutes to apply. 

Do you ship internationally?

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We sure do.

Are tattoos safe?

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They are completely safe and they don't seep into your skin. They are also FDA compliant.

Are they made in China?

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NOOO. All tattoos are made in Europe

I'm an Artist, how do I collaborate?

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We welcome artists and illustrators of all types as long as you do quality work! Simply send an email to and we will provide you with all of the information you need :)

How do I get them off?

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With soap and water, though they are waterproof!

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